Momeela Story

Enamelled jewelry is a unique type of craftsmanship, and due to its complex production process and expensive materials, it is not as popular as other types of jewelry. However, the uniqueness and artistic value of enamelled jewelry make them highly sought after. Here, I would like to share the story of a small enamelled jewelry brand called "Momeela."

Momeela is a small enamelled jewelry brand located in a southern France city, founded in 2006. The founder, Ms. Mo, is an enamelled jewelry designer who was deeply attracted by the beauty and uniqueness of this craft during her studies, and thus began her own journey in enamelled jewelry making.

Before starting her business, Ms. Mo had worked in a large jewelry company, but she found that the jewelry designs there were not to her liking. So she left the company and started her own enamelled jewelry brand. At the beginning, Momeela was only a small studio with Ms. Mo and some local craftsmen working there.

The design style of Momeela enamelled jewelry is simple and fashionable, blending traditional France culture with modern elements. Each piece is carefully designed and made. Ms. Mo is also committed to passing on the enamelled jewelry craft, so she often holds enamelled jewelry workshops to let more people know about this unique craft.

After years of hard work, Momeela has grown into a respected enamelled jewelry brand. Although it is a small brand, its enamelled jewelry has been loved and collected by many jewelry enthusiasts both domestically and internationally.