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About Us

Momeela is a proud direct-to-consumer brand and jewelry manufacturer operating in more than 30 countries worldwide, since 2006. At Momeela we believe that everyone has a story to tell, and the jewelry they wear is a part of that. We go above creating jewelry, but keepsakes that we wear against our hearts or on our hands that are a part of who we are.

Ours Mission

In order to be the jewelry brand bringing women their biggest emotions, Momeela deploys its creativity in all corners of the planet. Born in France, it enjoys a strong international distribution network on four continents. Its development initially took place in Asia in the end of the first decade of 2000. Hong Kong and Taiwan fell for the charm of the “Pas de Deux” collection, featuring a ballerina of the Paris Opera. In less than 10 years, Momeela brand has settled in Australia, China and also in South America, the United States and the Middle East. Its vision is to want women has more color life, happiness life.

Ours Vision

The vision of Momeela is to be the costume jewelry brand that provides women with their biggest emotions. Because they bring back happy memories and with their reference to nature, these very evocative products reveal the refined fanciness each woman is hiding. Indeed, the Momeela jewels embody more than simple fashion flair: it fosters the uniqueness of the woman who wears it, while reconnecting her to her emotions.

This vision is driven by the search for sophistication and ultra feminity. Each detail of each design by Momeela is carefully considered, “Fashion fades, but style is here to stay”: anchored in 40 years of expertise, Momeela offers a timeless style, governed by vibrant colors. From lemon yellow to pale green, the colors convey their poetry in more than 30 collections every year.